Define your audience.

Every social post should have a clearly defined audience that is being targeted. Some posts are meant to sell the company’s services. Other posts may be meant to sell the company brand to attract more talent to join.

Current / Future Clients

Social posts geared towards this audience should build confidence in the company brand.

  • Quality of work
  • Efficiency (Within Schedule)
  • Affordable (Within Budget)
  • Safety of the workplace (for workers and customers) before, during, and after the job is complete.

Current / Future Employees

Social posted geared towards this audience should inspire current employees and attract new employees/contractors.

  • Safety
  • Family First
  • Promotions and Growth Opportunities within the company
  • Education and opportunities for career development
  • Job Well Done posts
  • Work anniversaries
  • personal accomplishments

Plan each post with a purpose.

We’ve all seen the pages that post non-stop sales posts. These pages are quickly unfollowed and are doing nothing for their brand. They are failing to build an online relationship with their viewers.

In the social media world, there’s the 80/20 rule. 80% of your social content should deliver engagement with your viewers while 20% or less should promote selling.

In order to break this down, I’ve divided up content types into 4 categories; inform, educate, inspire, entertain.


Inform your audience about changes within the industry with industry news and updates and how the changes will affect the industry.


Educate your audience on new tools or methods that help get the job done. Teach them why some decisions are better even though they cost more (without mentioning the cost aspect).


Inspire your viewers by showing them everything you do within the community to make a difference. This is where you really build your brand by attaching sentiment to the name.


Entertain your viewers with the fun stuff that happens around the workplace. Meeting new employees or introducing an employee and what they do outside of work. An example would be “When Joshua isn’t saving the world one job at a time, he’s winning bbq cookoffs at local charity events…”

Cool theory but now what? How do we bring this to life?

I’m mailing you a physical content calendar. This is 5 ft long and is something you’d hang up on your office wall. As you go through the steps below, you’ll write your content ideas on a sticky note and stick them to the wall under the calendar where you think it will fit best.



Discovery Phase: Content is your social/online currency

1. How much content do we already have? Sometimes there’s a lot of easy content to generate but what happens after that’s gone? How do you maintain the momentum? What posts have worked well in the past?

2. After you have your easy content written out, let’s look into what content we will need to fill the holes. Do we lack educational posts? or Employee brag posts?