Be sure to choose 720 on the video to ensure you can read the text on the screen.

To view and/or reference the spreadsheet you see in the video, just click the button below! Let me know if this sparks any ideas or questions that I can dig into further!


SEO Score from Small SEO (Surprisingly low)


Domain Authority (Highest is 100 held by Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc)

Web Pages

Backlinks: Links from other sites like news organizations and universities linking back to this site!


Site Performance by Google Lighthouse Extension (Very low)


Site Accessibility by Google Lighthouse Extension (Very low)

Best Practices from Google Lighthouse Extension

SEO Score from Google Lighthouse Extension

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  1. Dave

    Comment below with any additional questions or directions you’d like to see this go. I know this is just a load of information and not real sure how to really use it all but I wanted to get an idea of what it takes to run a successful math museum.


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