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With extensive educational and professional backgrounds in construction and marketing, Taylor Digital Solutions focuses on web design and marketing for clients in the architectural and construction industry.

What We Do

We center our focus around construction web design and take pride in the services that come with hiring Taylor Digital Solutions!

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Custom Mobile Responsive Construction Web Design and Development

We build all of our construction web sites mobile ready. Our websites will load fast for those of you in the office and for your subcontractors out in the field working off of hot spots.

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SEO - Targeting Hand-Selected Construction Key Terms and Phrases

We often get inquiries from contractors, engineers, and architects who have used web designers before but the site never brought in relevant traffic from local viewers in need of specific services.

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Local Competitor Analysis

We take a look at EVERY local competitor website and analyze it with our tools to see what services are offered, how many keywords they target in advertising and in organic articles, how many pages a competitor website holds, and much more.

Construction Branding

Nothing boosts your brand like a good testimonial from a client who is trusted in your community. Logos are great, reports are nice, but your true brand is how clients recognize and talk about your business. Let’s captivate some of your success stories and get them in front of your viewers!

Construction Web Design

Construction Web Design is our specialty and focus. Taylor Digital Solutions knows the language of your home owners, your architects, your general contractors, and even your plumbers. We specialize in creating beautiful web designs that have direct purpose. The purpose is for your company to be found by those searching for your services in your local area.

Construction Search Engine Optimization

Also known as “SEO”, optimization requirements are constantly changing along with the methods viewers are searching and consuming content. Taylor Digital Solutions thrives in fast-pace changing environments.

Construction Information Architecture

Using our report, you will then have tangible direction and realistic online goals. You’ll understand what services you offer.


Construction Content Strategy

Content Strategy is built after our initial competitor analysis. Once we see where your company ranks in each of your services we can then prioritize your content needs. After prioritizing, we begin immediately obtaining industry leading content and 

Construction Business Consulting

Taylor Digital Solutions often handles many other aspects of marketing beyond web design. We will be happy to speak to you about Facebook management, YouTube management,  content creation, as well as creating better tools for you to network with other professional services in your area.

Recent Work & Project Progress

Below are some of our newest clients! These projects are continuously updated as new service pages are developed and approved!

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Architects In Escambia & Santa Rosa County:

After our recent Architect Report received such positive feedback from over 15+ local marketing firms, we wanted to demonstrate the difference between two portfolio galleries. BOTH galleries host the same images. However, Gallery Two images were uploaded AFTER we optimized them and applied proper attributes.

We used Google Chrome’s Lighthouse extension; Google’s preferred web extension for testing performance speed and much more!

Gallery One Performance Results

Gallery One Performance

Gallery Two Performance

Gallery Two Performance

You’ll find Gallery Two has a performance score of 75! This performance score is one of the highest performance scores received by ANY marketing firm in Escambia or Santa Rosa County!

Additionally, Google’s own SEO testing plugin has given Gallery Two a perfect score in SEO. This is wonderful!